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{ALBUM} Drake & Sade – More Love (A Playlist By Vacations)


{ALBUM} Drake & Sade – More Love (A Playlist By Vacations)

Vacations brings together Sade and Drake for mashup “More Love.”

Tonight, OVO Sound Radio kicked off its 44th episode with a streaming of Brooklyn DJ John McSwain, also known as Vacations’ More Love mash-up project.

Aptly-titled, the project features mashups of Drake and Sade.

Drizzy’s affinity for the Nigerian-British songstress is well-documented, as is everyone else’s, and Vacations certainly meshed the two in a flattering fashion.

Nothing was forced with this one, a nod to Vacations’ ear and execution.

The 5-track playlist produces tracks titled “Get It Together, Give It Up,” “Lover’s Smoke” (“Free Smoke” + “Lover’s Rock”), “Gyalskin” (“Gyalchester + “Skin”), “Can’t Cherish Everything” (“Can’t Have Everything + “Cherish The Day”), and “Never Thought I’d See the Passionfruit” (“Passionfruit” + “I Never Though I’d See The Day”).


  1. Can’t Cherish Everything
  2. Get It Together, Give It Up
  3. Gyalskin
  4. Lover’s Smoke
  5. Never Thought I’d See The Passionfruit


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